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The Webmaster
     Hi, I'm Lenny Andrews, a member of Troop 338 since 1994. I have served as Assistant Scoutmaster, Scoutmaster, and currently as a Committee Member (Secretary and Webmaster) and the SBRGA Chartered Org Rep for the Troop. My son is long gone from the troop, and I've often thought of retiring, but then the next Eagle candidate comes along, and I remember why I still do this.

     I taught myself html so I could write my own web pages, and the needs of the troop gave me the opportunity to do something creative. New residents who are interested in Scouting now have a way to contact us, and we are linked to both the Town of South Berwick as well as the South Berwick Rod & Gun Club websites. We now have a way to store and share the history of our troop and to honor those from our troop who have achieved Scouting's highest award, the rank of Eagle.
     In February 2008, I had the Troop purchase their own domain name,, with a larger storage limit for a much lower price than I was paying my personal ISP for webspace. We get multiple webmail accounts, web tools, a lot of flexibility, and no ads. I highly recommend this, so a troop can preserve and pass along their website even if a webmaster retires. I hope you find these pages informative, interesting, nostalgic, and perhaps amusing.

     If Scouts or Scouters want to learn html by using ideas in these pages, you are welcome; just try to be original with the page design. I firmly believe that the web should be free, and that it should be kept streamlined for those who still use DSL or even dial-up. I've kept the design simple, so it works on systems as old as XP with IE7 and as new as Win 7 with IE11 or Firefox 43.

     I welcome suggestions for improvements, additions and, of course, corrections. If you would like to see something added to the pages, need to change or update an event, or if you find that a link doesn't work, please drop me an e-mail. Keep those suggestions coming...I'm able to get them posted very quickly.

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Open Requests...
     I'm looking for summer camp pictures from '92,'93,& '03. Any other scanable pictures or news articles of past or current Troop 338 events are welcomed. If you can't get it to me in electronic format, clippings and photos are fine, I'll work with it.
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