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TROOP 338 EAGLE SCOUT Hall of Fame since re-inception, April 1987
"I believe in the Boy Scouts of America as a movement which has, as its aim and purpose, character building and citizenship training. I believe it to be a movement that helps a Scout become master of his own powers, helps him get along with other people, and helps him find a worthy use for his powers. I therefore believe it is my duty to do my best to obey the Scout Oath and Law. I hereby renew my faith in Scouting and promise to do what I can in service to other Scouts who have not come this far along the Eagle Trail."
#38 Ryan Bisson 11/28/2018   Newspaper Article 08/08/18
  Ryan's project was to build a foot bridge about 40 feet long and 6 feet wide, crossing the hazardous swampy section on Landing Trail, connecting New England's historic Hamilton House to Vaughan Woods State Park in South Berwick. Ryan raised construction funds with a combination of a car wash, a kiosk at the local festival and a Go Fund Me page. His fundraising was so sucessful that he improved the project scope and had funds left over to donate for maintenance. Ryan also thanked Middleton Lumber of Dover, New Hampshire, for its assistance with his project.
#37 Joe Wessling 07/25/2018
  Joe's project was to replace a broken flagpole at the South Berwick Transfer Station with a new 25ft pole big enough for two flags, raise the paver stones around the pole, to clean up the 12ft x 12ft viewing area, scrape and paint the concrete retaining wall, make a pressure-treated border and fill it with gravel and red, white, and blue flowers. Two solar lights will illuminate the flag at night, and a new viewing bench was added to the side.
#36 Josh Hollick 06/27/2018
  Josh's project was to build three 3ft cube (27 cubic feet/1 cubic yard each) composting bins for the South Berwick Food Pantry, and a 2ft by 8ft bench. The composting bins allow the facility to recycle food waste instead of throwing it away. The bench provides relief for folks waiting in line on busy days. All materials were pressure-treated lumber with a coat of water seal.
#35 Thayer Fitt 03/05/2018
  Thayer's project was to do some grounds keeping work and building and installing a park bench at Pulpit Rock in Rye NH. He also built and installed two benches inside the tower, where people can rest before or after the stairs. He also repaired a wall and closet door and repaired a trap door inside the structure.
#34 Brian Couture 10/25/2017   Brian with bench at GWLT
  Brian's project was to build and deploy four, 4ft wide park benches along three different trails on Great Works Land Trust properties. Two of the benches are at the Orris Falls/Balancing Rock Conservation Area, one at the Keay Brook Preserve in Berwick, near the estuary, and one at the Grover Preserve in North Berwick, near Bauneg Beg Pond. Brian also earned a bronze palm.
#33 Charlie Honkonen 05/25/2016   Newspaper Article 03/11/16
  Charlie's project was to craft seven attractive wooden benches for inside and outside the entrance lobby of Marshwood High School, so students could sit and relax while waiting on the buses. Previously, there was no place to sit, and students had to stand for about 15-20 minutes at a time. Charlie used Go Fund Me to raise the money for materials for his project in record time.
#32 Patrick Hourihan 05/28/2014   Newspaper Article 01/02/15
  Pat's project was to plan and supervise the building of eight new bookcases for the Marshwood Central School library to replace the three rusted and collapsing metal ones they had been using. The number of new shelves allows room for expansion for more books that had no place to be stored. See pictures and posts from the school here.
#31 Daniel Olsen 05/22/2013
  Dan's project was to promote bat habitat conservation and education by researching the environmental factors required for a successful, sustainable colony in an area that would benefit the community. He supervised construction of a special multi-chamber unit that includes a nursery compartment. The structure is designed to support about 200 insect-eating bats and can make a notceable impact on the surrounding mosquito population. It was mounted on a South-facing wall of the South Berwick Rec Center overlooking the athletic fields, where it has all the necessary environmental criteria, will reduce the amount of biting insects, and where the nightly actions of these beneficial mammals can be easily observed. Check out these YouTube videos! What To Do If You Find An Injured Bat: | How To Prevent/Remove Bats From Unwanted Locations: | How To Facilitate Bat Habitat On Your Property:
#30 Conor LaSelva 05/22/2013
  Conor's project was to research historical records and deeds to uncover the history of some old stone foundations and gravesite in the forest of the Orris Falls Conservation Area. He found that the homestead of early settlers Daniel and Mercy Littlefield once stood here. His research showed that the land was purchased in 1784 by William and Martha Joye and the foundation laid in the earliest days of the 19th century. Conor had a kiosk constructed for a permanent sign which details the site's historical background, including maps of the surrounding area. See pictures of his project and a detailed proof of the sign.
#29 Matt Shea 11/28/2012   Newspaper Article 09/27/12 and Newspaper Article 11/19/12
  Matt's project was to educate citizens on how to properly retire a flag though a YouTube video he produced, and by building flag collection boxes outside of the police station in the South Berwick Town Hall and at the South Berwick Transfer Station in which community members can place flags that are ready to be retired. He coordinated his project with the veterans of VFW Post 5744 to ensure the flags will be retired properly at Flag Retirement Ceremonies held regularly with the South Berwick Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts. His Flag Retirement video can be seen on this YouTube link
#28 Robbie Hundley 2/23/2011 Newspaper Article
  Robbie's project involved planning, construction and installation of 21 Wood Duck nesting boxes at seven South Berwick locations. This project provides needed nesting areas, as development trends have removed many of the old trees which provided cavities for duck nests. The trees selected for the nesting boxes had to be a certain height and distance from water. For future monitoring, the locations of the boxes were documented by recording GPS coordinates.
#27 Mike Remick 8/25/2010
  Mike's project was to hold a bicycle rodeo for the community of South Berwick. The aim of the project was to teach proper biking skills, that wearing a helmet is the law in Maine, and to encourage youth to ride more often and with better safety awareness. The event featured various stations demonstrating how to correctly wear and adjust a helmet, bicycle hand signals, a bike inspection safety check, basic bike maintenance and adjustment, and an obstacle course to test those skills. The event was supported by the Marshwood Great Works School, the South Berwick PD, Fire & Rescue, Papa Wheelies Cycle Shop, and many other local volunteers and scouts. People of all ages participated, from new riders barely off training wheels, thru parents and even some grandparents.
#26 Trevor Bergeron 3/24/2010   Newspaper Article  and Four Eagles Newspaper Article
  Trevor's project constructed about 755 feet of trail plus a 16 foot long bridge in the Samuel A. Tamposi Water Supply Reserve in his hometown of Barrington, NH. The project created an accessible, safe, durable bypass trail for hiking, bicycling, and cross-country skiing, to pass around a heavily damaged central trail, which had been become submerged in a beaver pond. A previous attempt to circumvent the waterway had become submerged and muddy for most of the distance. The bridge spans over a headwater brook at a point about halfway through the new loop trail, and allows access to miles of other trails in the reserve. Signs and blazes were added to help direct the public onto the new path and so it was visible when covered with leaves or snow. Permits and approvals were obtained from Barrington Town Council, Conservation Commission, and State DES officials.
#25 Stephen Shea Jr. 1/27/2010   Four Eagles Newspaper Article
  Stephens's project was to clear brush and clean up the historic site of the circular stone foundation by the Salmon Falls river and the old South Berwick Counting House. The foundation is usually mistaken for a railroad turn table, but was actually the footing for a coal gas container. The coal gas was used for lighting the old water-powered factory during the late 19th century and was technologically significant for its time. Stephen also built park benches and a plaque marker describing the site and had it added to the local "Hike Through History" trail. Stephen worked with the Old Berwick Historical Society, the 157th Civil Engineering Squadron at the Pease Air National Guard Base, Photopanels of New England, Troop 338 volunteers and several other local community supporters.
#24 Billy Walker 12/22/2009   Four Eagles Newspaper Article
  Billy's project was to create a database cataloging Veterans' graves in all the cemeteries of South Berwick. This project used GPS technology to pinpoint the actual gravestone locations, with a written record of the veteran's name and info on the markers and a digital picture of each headstone. The many Veterans recorded are from as far back as the Grand Army of the Republic and at least one lost marker was uncovered during the project, in addition to other historical data. The database can be posted to the world-wide web so that friends and relatives can find the resting places of these servicemen.
#23 John Spezia 12/22/2009   Newspaper Article
  John's project was to construct a two-section, heavy-timber bridge in the 88 acre South Berwick Town Forest to preserve a section of the nature trail. The project required getting permits from several agencies and working with the Conservation Commission to build a safe crossing over a muddy and damaged area of the trail on the land off Knights Pond Road. Members of Troop 338 as well as members of Troop 340 from Eliot helped with the project, improving the trail that was created by previous Troop 338 Eagle Scouts.
#22 Ed Hanson 8/27/2008   News Release Article
  Ed's project was to clean up and repair Furbish and McPherson cemeteries in Eliot, ME. After obtaining approvals from the Eliot Historical Society and the landowners, he brushed out, raked up, reset a headstone, replaced a missing iron fence rail and installed an iron gate made by a member of the Historical Society. Ed also made a list of the headstones and a map of their locations.
#21 Sam King 7/22/2008
  Sam's project was working with the Town of South Berwick to map the locations and condition of stop signs. The project grew in scope when Sam agreed to work with a software developer at UNH to test a new municipal GPS and maintenance database program as part of his project. In addition to gathering more extensive data than originally planned, he also coordinated with Town management and the software development team to debug the program and make needed upgrades. Besides providing the planned maintenance and improvement data, the project also proved of value to other town departments. The project involved coordinating various teams from the Town, UNH and scouts, and showed that the software could potentially be adapted to other municipal tasks.
#20 Kevin Kareckas 12/19/2007   News Release Article
  Kevin's project was to plan, design, & build a new information display kiosk at the summit of Mt. Agamenticus. The materials had to be long-lasting and able to withstand the rigors of extreme wind and weather in a mountain setting, but composed of an evironmentally-friendly alternative to conventional pressure-treated materials. Several conservation groups; Maine Management of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, Great Works Regional Land Trust, York Land Trust, The Nature Conservancy, along with the York Water District, and the Towns of South Berwick & York all provided the project funding. The kiosk will display the mountain's history, interesting facts and recent events.
#19 Jesse Young 11/28/2007
  Jesse's project was to build a mammal cage at The Center for Wildlife in Cape Neddick, Maine. LaValleys donated all of the material at cost along with a $100 donation. Remaining contributions were recieved from other sources including the South Berwick Rod & Gun Association. The enclosure was 12' x 7.5' x 8' with a 4x4x8' entry way. It is designed to hold smaller mammals such as several squirrels, possums, porcupines etc. The Center for wildlife rehabliltates injured/sick/orphanded wildlife and educates the public about wildlife through various programs.
#18 Jake Adams 10/18/2007
  Jake's project was to design and build heavy-duty castered dollies to move and store the stacks of chairs used in the South Berwick Town Hall auditorium. The dragging of these heavy stacks repeatedly over the hardwood floor was causing devastating wear, and incurring the expense of yearly resurfacing. The dollies will save wear and tear as the stacks are moved to and from storage.
#17 Thaddaeus Webster 6/21/2006   Newspaper Article
  Thad's project was to increase awareness and use of the South Berwick Town Forest by building a new, clearly marked trail, a sturdy bridge to cross over a wetland area, building signs at the entrance to the forest and constructing a kiosk with trail schematics. He named the new trail Walt's Walk after his grandfather Walter Webster. The old trail was named Herb's Hike and both were cleared and blazed with red or blue paint to identify the different routes.
#16 Alex Nichols 11/19/2003   Newspaper Article
  Alex's project was to organize a work party to stencil an environmental warning on South Berwick storm drains to "Dump No Waste - Leads to River", informing residents of the dangers of dumping wastes into the drains which would pollute the local water resources.
#15 Andrew Shea 07/16/2003
  Andy's project was to plan & coordinate a CPR certification course for the coaching staff at Marshwood High School, to help make the sports season safer for the student athletes.
#14 Derek Carey 06/18/2003   Newspaper Article
  Derek's project was working at the South Berwick Town Forest to lengthen & improve trail identification in both directions, restore trails to a safe condition, avoiding the wetlands in the process, and clear the area of brush, trash & debris.
#13 Michael Harris 01/30/2002
  Mike's project was to enhance the newly renovated Norton St. area across from the South Berwick Community Center by cleaning up trash and overgrowth around the pond, then building and installing benches with flower boxes overlooking the water. Middleton Lumber of Dover, NH generously donated materials for this project.
#12 David Hopkins 12/19/2001   Newspaper Article
  Dave's project was to design and build a permanent skate-park for the town of South Berwick. Located at the Youth Center by Agamenticus Estates, the large concrete slab has both a concrete ramp, steel ramp, fun-box, and a rail at this time. This project cost approximately $4,800 and took two years of planning and execution. The following individuals, businesses and organizations generously donated money and/or materials: Town of South Berwick, Ocean National Bank, Genest Concrete, Urban Tree Service, Gary Adams, Brad Paxton, Ed Hopkins, Roland Turgeon, Dave Turcotte, and the South Berwick Teen Center.
#11 Michael Cleary 10/24/2001   Newspaper Article
  Mike's Eagle Project was to implement improvements to Vaughan Woods State Park by painting and lettering trail signs, clearing and cleaning up trails, staining the front fence and clear-coating the latrine building. Vaughan Woods State Park donated the materials for this project.
#10 Timothy Roberts 6/20/2001
  Tim's Eagle Project was to build outdoor park benches of mahogany & cedar with built-in flower boxes to replace old dilapidated benches for the residents at the Varney Crossings Nursing Home. Middleton Lumber of Dover, NH generously donated materials for this project.
#9 Brian Geaudreau 3/7/2000
  Brian's Eagle Project was to design, build and deploy special bird houses around the South Berwick Town Forest to encourage rare bird species to repopulate the area.
#8 Jeff Spaulding 1/6/1999
  Jeff's Eagle Project was to survey all the cemeteries in South Berwick for Veterans of all wars, map out their resting places in each location, create a spreadsheet with each name, rank, war, and cemetery and present a bound copy of this work to the VFW Association and the town.
#7 Chris Hunt 8/2/1996
  Chris's Eagle Project was to map and blaze a walking trail through the South Berwick Town Forest conservation area, out along the Great Works River and place markers along to trail to show the way.
#6 Jason DeWildt 8/2/1996
  Jason's Eagle Project was to remove 900 feet of old fencing along the boundary of Vaughn Woods Memorial Park, fill in the post holes and replace it with lilac trees and forsythia bushes planted at 50 foot intervals.
#5 Brandon Coonfield 3/2/1995
  Brandon's Eagle Project was to increase organ donor awareness by working on a program to petition the U.S. Postal Service to issue a donor awareness stamp. He collected over 1,000 signatures from other troops and colleges across New England.
#4 Jonathan Stephens 2/1/1995   Newspaper Article
  Jonathan's Eagle Project was to catalog and barcode about 6,500 books in a Dover, NH elementary school. All books and their catalog cards were barcoded and corrected for computerization. He also solicited computer companies for a multi-media computer system so the school could utilize their educational CDs, and wrote a menu on the system to make it easer for students to load the programs.
#3 Jonathan Bradstreet 8/26/1994   Newspaper Article
  Jonathan's Eagle Project was to support the D.A.R.E. program by using his artistic talents to design a mural of a hawk, waving a banner in it's talons depicting the 8 ways to "Say No To Drugs." The mural is painted on the wall of the Marshwood Junior High School.
#2 Emlen Harmon 12/21/1992   Newspaper Article
  Emlen's Eagle Project was to promote water conservation in the community by designing and distributing a brochure detailing the practices and devices of water conservation.
#1 Kevin Dewildt 12/21/1992   Newspaper Article
  Kevin's Eagle Project was to design and create an outside nature classroom and trails with an outdoor covered message board at the Marshwood Junior High School.

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